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We are specialised in metal-to-ceramics vacuum tight joints and technical ceramics for a variety of industries. Our current focus is vacuum technology.

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W E   P O W E R   T H E   F U T U R E

Al2O3 technical ceramics in complex applications.

Glass or ceramics to metal hermetic seals. 

We provide standard and custom-made solutions.

We make sintered alumina rings for vacuum applications, brazed vacuum-tight joints, insulators, bushings, metallised ceramic parts, housings for power semiconductors, and many others.


Alumina Systems s.r.o. is part of Alumina Redwitz Holding GmBH


Staff: 70
Contact person: Michal Rufert, CEO,


We are keen to develop expert solutions to your request.

We work with renowned technical universities in the European Union.

We offer solutions in 3D design and are fitted with a 3D printing machine.  



18/11/2019 09:13
On November 13th 2019 we had a booth at Pragovac and an opportunity to present our products by means of a short lecture to members of the Czech Vacuum Society and their guests. Thank you for the invitation and an opportunity to talk about Alumina Systems activities in the vacuum industry.
30/09/2019 15:38
13.10.2019 se vydáme jako předešlý rok na Pragovac. Už se těšíme a připravujeme si malý příspěvek.
22/05/2019 13:13
A new insulator was born. Ceramic - Al2O3 99% Flanges - Kovar Hermiticity of sealing < 10-3 (Pa x cm3)/sec Feel free to contact us on  
06/05/2019 15:46
Ve dnech 3. a 4.4.2019 jsme se zúčastnili semináře Materiály a konstrukční prvky pro vakuovou techniku na pozvání pana Karla Boka, specialisty na vzdělávací programy ve vakuové technice. Bylo nám ctí prezentovat náš příspěvek Použití keramiky ve vakuové technice. Těšíme se na další...
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